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Okanagan Valley, British Columbia

About Us

Positioned for Rapid Growth

  “From Plants to Premium Products”  

Rapidly emerging biotechnology company focused on cannabis cultivation and research; based in the Okanagan Valley of B.C.  

Canadian Market - Int'l Leadership

Positioned to capitalize on Canada’s international lead in regulation, research, development and production, to become a global, vertically integrated medical cannabis company.

Assembling “Best-In-Class” fully licensed cannabis focused companies that are horizontally integrated “From Plants to Premium Products”

Mission Statement

  To be the most profitable, fully-integrated Plants to Premium Products (“P2P”) cannabis-focused company through the creation of a “Best Practices, R&D-backed, end-to-end Global Bioscience Platform”.

Focused on quality organic product demanding premium pricing with exceptional profit margins

Our Operations

Valens Agritech Ltd., Kelowna, BC


17,000 sf state-of-the-art research Cannabis Cultivation Facility

  • Health Canada Level 7 security (Dealer's Licence rec'd May 18 2017)
  • $6.125M of controlled substance capacity = 625 kg of Cannabis)
  • Unique medical strain genetics (Cannabinoid/Terpene optimization)

Customized Derivative Production

  • Quality Oil Extract process: Solvent-free, Organic, 100% Cannabis
  • Custom extraction - quality oil for NHP: Essential Oils & Terpenes
  • GMP & ISO 9001 derivative production – NHP’s, Edibles
  • Custom packaging & authentication (RFID tags, Chemical Fingerprint)

Contract R&D Operations

  • 3rd Party Clinical trials management, Custom formulation & production
  • Derivative formulations, Extraction technology, etc.
  • Pharmacology absorption optimization
  • Add-on LP application
  • Licensed Producer infrastructure in place for premium production

Supra THC Services Inc., Kelowna, BC


Leading Edge Analytical Services & Research

Analytical Services:

  • Sector Leading Analytical Instrumentation Infrastructure
  • Centre of Excellence in “Plant Based Medicines”
  • ISO 17025 accreditation (pending)

Consulting Services:

  • Lab Set-Up, QA/QC
  • Government Funding: NSERC, MITACS, IRAP, SR&ED
  • Chemometrics and Big Data Statistical Experience
  • Expert Support Provider: BIKA LIMS Systems

Research and Development:

  • Collaboration with: NRC, UBC, TRU, and UofA
  • Custom Product Development
  • Clinical Studies, Molecular Epidemiology
  • Biomarker Tracking

Supra is licensed by Health Canada to conduct research, provide chemical analysis and produce extracts and derivatives of cannabis materials in addition to offering analytical services to the wider natural health product sector. Our corporate mandate is to provide scientific leadership and to support the production of the highest quality herbal medicinal products on the market.

Royal Green Acres, Nanaimo, BC

Facilities Build Out, Licensing & Production (under LOI)

Phase 1 ($2.5M all-in capital cost):

  • 50,000 sf of Indoor Cultivation
  • 1,000 sf yields 133 lbs\crop x 5 crops\year
  • 50 x 5 crops x 133lbs\crop = 33,250 lbs\yr
  • COP for indoor = $600 to $800\lb
  • Sale Price = $2,000 to $2,500\lb
  • Projected net cash flow +$40,000,000\yr

Phase 2 ($60\sf all-in capital cost):

  • 131,000 sf of Green House Cultivation
  • 1,000 sf yields 133 lbs\crop x 5 crops\year
  • 131 x 5 crops x 133 lbs\crop = 87,115 lbs\yr
  • COP for Green House = $200 to $300\lb
  • Sale Price = $1,600 to $2,000\lb
  • Projected net cash flow +$113,000,000\yr

Phase 3 ($60\sf all-in capital cost):

  • 435,000 sf of Green House Cultivation

Additional Expansion Capability Available

Tucson, Arizona

MKV Ventures 1, LLC (“MKV”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of MKHS, LLC, has engaged VGW to help manage and fund expansion on its 9.5 acre operating site:

  • MKV completing VGW-funded 28,000-sf Farmtek Greenhouse Expansion
  • VGW funded $1,628,266 (US$1,212,500) secured by a promissory note (the “Loan”)
  • The Loan accrues interest effective May 15, 2016 @ 15% p.a.
  • Loan repayment + $30,000 in fees starts with first crop, P+I, 5-year term
  • Unconditionally guaranteed by established licenced operator MKHS
  • VGW has 5-year, renewable, Professional Services Agreement (the “PSA”) with MKV
  • VGW collects US$60,000/mo under the PSA after buildout for management services
  • VGW bills additional consulting services, to be invoiced monthly
  • VGW is reimbursed for approved out-of-pocket expenses and sub-contracted services
  • Buildout is currently under construction; Cash flow expected by late 2017


Download our latest Corporate Presentation:


We are a publicly traded Canadian company listed on the Canadian Securities Exchange (VGW-C).

We just completed (Nov 2016) an RTO and changed our name from Genovation Capital Corp.

Our old website with historical filings remains accessible at www.genovationcapital.ca pending the rollout of our permanent website.

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